To talk smack. To say you’re going to show up (and then don’t). To make excuses. To blame. To avoid. To fail (often publicly). Conversely, it’s really hard… To ask questions and be constructive. To show up, participate, and invest yourself. To take responsibility. To ask “how can I make up for this or help make it […]

Someone recently gave me a tremendous gift, but I didn’t recognize it for what it was until a few weeks later.  All they gave me was a concept: circles. Imagine you have three concentric circles.  One large one, one medium one nested inside of that, and the smallest of the three nested inside of the […]

Afraid of going it alone. Afraid of failure. Afraid of what people might think (or already do). Afraid of my giving my all and going nowhere. Just like a lot of people.  Maybe even just like you. What would happen if you admitted your deepest fear to someone you cared about?  Someone you trusted?  Someone […]

When you divorce yourself from the fickle opinions of critics and passive observers, you free yourself from a form of psychic tyranny. When you dismiss the cynics and only recognize the opinions of people who have earned that privilege, you find yourself with a significantly larger amount of mental bandwidth. When you stop worrying about […]

There’s a realization that I’ve had to spend time getting eye-to-eye with.  An inescapable fact.  It’s ugly and painful, but I think it’s about as close to a truism as I think I can really get. 95% of the time, people won’t show up for you. 4.9% of the time they might because either you’ve coerced […]

Coal requires three things to be able to change: Heat Pressure Time The soul is no different. Similarly, the acorns of some of the greatest and mightiest trees on Earth need the same.  So: Get passionate (heat) Get active and be publicly-accountable (pressure) Be PATIENT (time)

Just because your hands are trembling doesn’t mean you’re weak. Often it means that you’ve exerted yourself in pursuit of something greater. Just because you’ve failed or fallen doesn’t mean you’ll always fail or fall. Past may be prologue, but it does not determine the epilogue of your journey. Just because someone doesn’t understand or […]

In all of the potential mathematical improbabilities in all of known space and creation, the probability that atomic structures and organic materials would have coalesced in the exact processes necessary to create you is impossible to express. To be alive in this time in history is indescribable. We are at the apex of one of […]

Every person has a story. Every person has a story. Every person has a story. Every person has a story. Every person has a story. No matter how you emphasize the words, the meaning is the same.  It’s why we have to do the work, lean in, and dig deeper.  It’s why inquiry, discovery, and revision are pre-requisites for […]

Nobody likes the “brilliant asshole”.  Don’t be either of those things. Doesn’t matter how much good work you do if you’re an insufferable jackass.  You might be right or have good ideas but nobody’s going to want to work with you. Doesn’t matter what you have to say or what you have to show for […]