What does it mean to be masculine in the Age of Masculinity? What does it mean to be “masculine” in the first place? These are things that my father failed to teach me. These are things that American culture has failed to define.

The little things that pile-up higher and higher until we can’t see beyond ourselves; fortifications erected without our knowledge or our conscious consent.

It’s difficult for people whose lives don’t intersect with Autism spectrum disorders or ADHD to quite get their heads around the concept of not being able to concentrate. “Just do it, man.” “Don’t over-think it!” “FOCUS, you moron!” What’s more interesting than even that lack of understanding is pondering the impact of giving someone with […]

Getting a message over and around the din of traditional modern communication is difficult these days, especially when the information is challenging or potentially dangerous to established hierarchies. There are plenty of people who depend on your passiveness and your malleability–which is why marketers, PR firms, and politicians tend to favor the tools that have […]

Fallacies aren’t specific to any one specific arena, and often times they are about as pervasive as untreatable cancer. Not only are they pervasive, they are also maddeningly-difficult to isolate and avoid. Many smart people fall victim to fallacies in the form of logical, perceptual, or inferential fallacies when presented with data contrary to their […]

Armchair politicians are just as guilty as professional political operatives of the same kinds of fallacies. Some claim that the “last gasps” of a society or civilization can be measured (or even predicted) via one particular metric, often varying between people of differing political leanings, socio-economic status, and personal philosophies. Many of them include anecdotes […]

It’s rare in this age for people who have a limited understanding of a given topic to not weigh-in on topics of grave importance. Bite-size news, tweets, and politically-driven memes are partially to-blame, but I think it is far more likely that in finding a level of digital anonymity, people are less afraid to let […]