The deep-seated fallacy of hindrance (or in technology parlance, “blocked by”) in a lot of our narratives, interactions, and goals. We tend to cling to embedded narratives in terms of fallacious pre- and post-analysis.  We tend to self-recriminate ahead of time or ruminate on an outcome that we either didn’t anticipate or couldn’t predict. Rather […]

There’s a realization that I’ve had to spend time getting eye-to-eye with.  An inescapable fact.  It’s ugly and painful, but I think it’s about as close to a truism as I think I can really get. 95% of the time, people won’t show up for you. 4.9% of the time they might because either you’ve coerced […]

Going to try an experiment. Going to ask a series of three questions relating to living a meaningful life. Anyone can feel free to steal them and answer them on their own if they like. Just going to be brutally-honest and just put it all out there. Because hiding isn’t doing anything for anyone at […]

Just because your hands are trembling doesn’t mean you’re weak. Often it means that you’ve exerted yourself in pursuit of something greater. Just because you’ve failed or fallen doesn’t mean you’ll always fail or fall. Past may be prologue, but it does not determine the epilogue of your journey. Just because someone doesn’t understand or […]

Sometimes you have to… Make the space in your heart to be able to say “no”. Make yourself understand that the things people do or did to you are wrong. Let yourself get angry at all the pain inflicted. Tell the truth and be brutally-honest. Cry and release the pain. Sometimes, even the best of […]

Every person has a story. Every person has a story. Every person has a story. Every person has a story. Every person has a story. No matter how you emphasize the words, the meaning is the same.  It’s why we have to do the work, lean in, and dig deeper.  It’s why inquiry, discovery, and revision are pre-requisites for […]

Lead with it.  It might seem inscrutible, impossible to comprehend the reasons why depending upon what subject is being queried.  But the impossibility of starting with it begs the question itself: why not start with “why”? Take, for example, an engineer.  Brilliant, but utterly fearful and ineffective at communicating.  Why? Perhaps that very same brilliant engineer […]

No one will ever be able to advocate for you.  Not me, not your boss, not your partner, not your squeeze, not your parents–literally no one.  Because no one will know what you want or how much you want it. No one except you. When you really want or need something, you have engage your own […]

From the outside, it seems as though American society plays a lot of lip-service to the idea of what I would call “common work”; trades and labor specifically.  People pay a lot of attention to the rates of college graduates, advanced degrees, and technical or scientific expertise–but the same kind of attention and respect is […]

I’d put money on the bet that the definition of amazing varies as much as any variable in the physical universe.  What constitutes an amazing life, an amazing career, an amazing passion or hobby, or even an amazing family or relationship just might depend more on your relationship to the word and your perspective than it […]