That people are being gas-lit every day. That the environment is getting worse. That we’re only a few steps away from reenacting The Handmaid’s Tale. That subjugation and merciless violence continue unabated. That the rights, freedoms, and unnamed liberties that some segment of Americans take for granted remain elusive or unrealized for millions more. And […]

To buy your consent? To buy your ignorance? To buy your ethics? To buy your blindness? To buy your silence? On the inverse-side: To buy your generosity? To buy your kindness? To buy your empathy? To buy your curiosity? To buy your alignment? The cost isn’t always paid in terms of monetary exchange.  It’s more […]

If it wasn’t clear before the Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light, it should be abundantly clear to any onlooker now: Companies like Facebook make a profit by tracking your behavior online, quantifying it through ruthless algorithms and questionable business decisions, and working to sell you (in quantified data) to another company to target directly for advertising and […]

From the outside, it seems as though American society plays a lot of lip-service to the idea of what I would call “common work”; trades and labor specifically.  People pay a lot of attention to the rates of college graduates, advanced degrees, and technical or scientific expertise–but the same kind of attention and respect is […]

It’s been difficult to put into words the frustration surrounding the utterly improbable political situation we now find ourselves in.  Was it because white Americans didn’t spend enough time considering their privilege?  Was it because fanatics and raving lunatics on both sides were screaming at the tops of their lungs and failing to provide anything […]

We on the left more or less left the rest of the country behind. In our attempts to try and be “better” for ourselves and for the people that could grok the changes we were trying to advance, we on the left either explicitly or implicitly told people with whom we weren’t willing to engage […]

Let’s face it: we’re in an age of expanding universal surveillance and we are witnessing the slow death of privacy. In an age where a single smartphone photo of a compromising event in your life can permanently ruin you, it’s painfully obvious that the continuing encroachment of Big Data into our lives won’t stop anytime […]

Getting a message over and around the din of traditional modern communication is difficult these days, especially when the information is challenging or potentially dangerous to established hierarchies. There are plenty of people who depend on your passiveness and your malleability–which is why marketers, PR firms, and politicians tend to favor the tools that have […]

What does the state of our discourse say about us as a society when we are concerned not with the necessity or efficacy of the expenditure of resources on those with less, but on whether or not it is “right” or “moral”? At what point did the purpose of any appointed leadership role at any […]