Agitation is the entire reason we continue to breathe, continue to strive, continue to innovate and try our damnedest to make things better and make things that do what we want more efficiently.  Anger is just the reaction of a mind in rebellion against mediocrity and against the status-quo that keeps it locked-up and in […]

(Loose response to an article here: ) Can violent unrest occur in America?  The better question in response to that question is: “Do I even have to ask this question?”  Not only is it likely, I imagine if the current trends in American politics and the reductionist/eliminationist speak continue, there will be a far larger […]

Anthony Weiner is set to resign… just goes to show that it’s not just far-right “Conservatives” that are spineless, it goes to show that progressives are just as bad. He didn’t stay in politics for the principle of the thing, didn’t stay in to keep his progressive voice in the chamber, just caved to public […]