I suppose it’s not something that gets talked about very often among pagan-minded individuals, but I think it’s something that’s worth exploring to some degree or another.  If I come off sounding supremely vague, it’s because this type of subject isn’t something that I have broached to the general public in the past… but sometimes […]

It’s been a long couple of weeks, and I didn’t realize how much exhaustion I was putting myself under the entire time.  Goes to show that the less aware you are of both outer and inner parts of your being, the more potential you have for missing the important signs. Work has been impressively interesting […]

I drove home last night from Vital Climbing feeling pretty down.  I’m not completely sure why I felt the way I did.  I started thinking about how much energy we invest in thinking about the wars we fight everywhere else and how much we ignore the wars within our own hearts and minds.  We may […]

Fairly uneventful week.  Work was about par-for-the-course.  Spent a fair amount of time chasing-down old problems and trying to get solutions ironed-out for things that should have been taken care of a while back.  Happens a lot these days.  Can’t say this is a new experience anymore–the companies that claim to be “agile” are the […]

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of opinion, not to be taken as factual statements.  This work is cobbled-together from observations of the world as I am to understand it based on my limited knowledge. If you haven’t seen “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism”, you really should.  If you have no clue […]

Inspiration: http://www.patheos.com//Resources/Additional-Resources/Heroic-Path-and-What-It-Isnt-Drew-Jacob-03-18-2011.html The Hero is a lot of things to a lot of people.  Savior, savant, saint… to others, simultaneously a paragon or pariah.  What I generally ascribe to a hero, I generally strive-for in myself.  Being an eclectic pagan, the idea of setting a goal of being a hero (or at the very least heroic) […]

As-promised, here is the other half of the promised post from this weekend. I have the vague feeling that the universe was trying to throw my karma at me to get it out of the way or to let me know I was definitely doing something wrong recently.  The Saturday before last (the 16th), I […]

It’s been a slam-bang few weeks. Work has been getting increasingly interesting in the last couple of weeks, with the emphasis added to underline the British definition of the word.  Organizational changes as well as departures/evacuations of various seats in the department overall have brought things into question that I was hoping not to have brought […]

I seated myself at the back of the congregation, silent before the proclamations and condemnations, the fire-and-brimstone treatment burning into my skin, my mind instantly reeling from the declarations of lust and sin. I could not comprehend how I was the butt-end of this joke, my mental vision filling with smoke, the cries and lies […]

This is the question that has been roiling in the back of my mind for the past few days as I have watched events un-fold around the world.  “Where are we now as a species?” Things aren’t all smiles-and-sunshine like many of the “polly-anna” positivity types would like many of us to believe; in fact, […]