It occurred to me earlier this evening in the midst of an impromptu workout routine that aside from Jungian psychological archetypes and inherited myths and stories from lost civilizations and cultures, it seems to me that polytheist and Pagan men exist mostly in the vacuum between Abrahamic belief systems and polytheism.  Polytheism, from its inception […]

It’s interesting sitting here in a near-empty space and looking at the austere beauty that comes with it.  It’s as if it remains a blank canvas, unblemished by the cruft and complexities of modern life that materialism has bestowed upon many of us.  Generally-speaking, moving has been a depressing time for me, reminding me of […]

I still can’t believe that I turned 25 yesterday. The notion that I’m a quarter-century old is still leaving me reeling, but it’s not from being afraid or blind-sided. More like astounded. 10 years ago, I thought that I wouldn’t survive to my 20th birthday; 5 years before that, I didn’t think I’d make it […]

We constantly find ourselves at-odds with our own nature, in conflict with our own beliefs, and embattled in never-ending struggle against complacency and inaction.  We are constantly in an internal and external struggle against our faults and inefficiencies, and we all constantly besiege ourselves with criticism, only to find that we have begun waging a […]

When we focus on leading a passionate, meaningful life, we are also inadvertently creating a spectacular ripple effect of inspiration in the lives around us.  When one person follows a dream, tries something new, or takes a daring leap, everyone nearby feels their passionate energy; and before too long, they are making their own daring […]

The last few weeks have been chock-full of opportunities at every turn.  Not a single day has gone by yet where I haven’t had the opportunity to turn a difficult situation into a learning experience or to alter the fundamental way that I experience the universe around me.  It’s been a long time since I’ve […]

I can feel the cracks being exposed in the facade.  I can hear the pieces falling to the ground, smashing themselves to pieces in a calamitous cacophony.  I can see the reactions even behind the masks of others, and it’s spreading.  Like a rampant and contagious disease of the skin, the masks are starting to […]

What are we defined by?  Are we defined by our impulses, by our woefully-inadequate grasp of the universe around us, or are we even defined at the end of the day by the actions we do (or do not) take?  These questions assault me often, and just like everyone else, I am required to reassess […]

Changing patterns and behaviors isn’t as easy as it appears to be on the outside.  There’s a lot more that goes into changing deeply-held beliefs and behaviors than simply engaging in a bit of psychic warfare on the self, it involves confronting the deepest of deep-seated problems that lie within the darkest parts of the […]

Seems that most everything I’m running into lately runs in cycles.  News runs in cycles, human behavior runs in cycles, relationships run in cycles… until they don’t.  Until a new exception presents itself and rears its ugly head, roaring in your face like that of a fell wyrm or some other sufficiently-nasty beast.  I feel […]