If our inner monologues are saying things that we wouldn’t say to anyone else out loud, what purpose does that serve? If our inner monologues are reinforcing values and beliefs that aren’t true anymore, why do we still believe them? If our inner monologues are telling us things that are distorting our view of the […]

Things have been markedly different the last few weeks.  Besides the weather being all over the place, there’s been a significant amount of tumult.  Winter injuries, relationship changes, seasonal depression, social and political news taking their toll – you name it, it’s happened. The weather finally broke a bit this last week.  A near-tolerable weekend […]

I’ve never thought of myself as a “man”.  Not in the sense of gender, but in the sense of title or age. I hadn’t thought about the fact that up until recently I had always thought of myself as a “boy” or a “guy”–never a man.  To me, that was a title, something that was bestowed […]