Riding on the delayed Red Line train toward Porter Square this afternoon, I spotted someone who reminded me of someone I knew back in grade school.  His name was Michael, stood at a brave five-foot-seven with a thin, wiry build.  There wasn’t much about him that was remarkable to me at the time aside from […]

Regret is a terrible thing.  Its older and more dangerous sibling Depression have been doggedly trailing me for the last week, making me feel like I am suspended in black syrup; blinded, bound, and gagged in semi-darkness.  I’ve been unable to complete a coherent thought or put words to my feelings for the last week. […]

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve taken the time to fill this void with thoughts made semi-permanent through the magic of technology.  A long journey was had from San Diego to where I reside now on one of the very Western edges of Boston, and the change of scenery has put me in something […]

You’re what I rise in the morning for, You’re the reason I lay down to sleep utterly exhausted. You’re the reason I cry over all the big things and laugh at the myriad of minutia. You drive me to drink, raise me to lust, push me to succeed, and dare me to fail. You pull […]

Once again this space has become dormant; but not by choice, I assure you.  My life has become quite complex and amazingly busy as of late, granting me no shortage of instability or chaos. A number of themes have been recurring as of late in my life, many of which having to do with a […]

I seated myself at the back of the congregation, silent before the proclamations and condemnations, the fire-and-brimstone treatment burning into my skin, my mind instantly reeling from the declarations of lust and sin. I could not comprehend how I was the butt-end of this joke, my mental vision filling with smoke, the cries and lies […]