It is a curious thing viewing one’s life through the lens of retrospect. I begin to see decisions that I’ve made and the patterns that make up the habits and myths that once served me well. The twin realizations of mistakes made and the implication of failures left unresolved is enough to overwhelm most anyone. […]

Some people collectively spend more time seeking others’ weaknesses, searching for the soft under-belly of vulnerability that might grant them a sense of improvement in stature or station (illusory and fleeting though it might be).  In so doing, they waste the precious energy that might be better used and suited to healing the wounds that divide them from […]

I’ve spent a lot of time living under the belief that I am insufficient, deficient, or otherwise defective. I believed that this was the case because no one was even pretending to be my champion. I lived in such painful invisibility that I acted out in a number of ways just to somehow try and […]

Because that would make us cruel. We don’t berate them for trying, we encourage and celebrate even the things that “aren’t quite there yet”. Yet in most modern meritocratic societies, we don’t celebrate failures. We only look at the highlight reels and put people on pedestals as examples. We don’t celebrate progressive failures nearly enough, […]

I stress too much.  I burn myself out by caring too much. I beat myself up too much.  I stay up late too much.  I talk and play too much.  I complicate things too much. There’s too much traffic, too much noise, too many people, too much static in my head, too much going on, […]

The last week or so I have been trying to keep a more positive outlook on my life and keep a lid on things that normally would have sent me off the deep-end. Surprisingly enough, a lot of my recent happiness and newfound calm comes not from any chemical source or any font of philosophical […]

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. A lot of things have happened that I didn’t necessarily intend, and things have happened that I had no idea were even a possibility in that particular space or instance. Want snowboarding for the first time in over a decade, ended-up coming home with a bruised knee and […]

Acknowledging problems is often not as easy as it sounds at the outset. There are a hundred different reasons why someone would be unable to move past old situations or upload their baggage, and sometimes that reason is as simple as fear. Fear makes our ambitions small, fear keeps our hearts closed-off and frozen, and […]