I’ve spent a lot of time living under the belief that I am insufficient, deficient, or otherwise defective. I believed that this was the case because no one was even pretending to be my champion. I lived in such painful invisibility that I acted out in a number of ways just to somehow try and […]

I’ve operated under a number of fallacies up until now.  That I’m above my circumstances.  That most everything can be attributed to being a mental block.  That I’ve moved past pettiness and hangups.  That I can just will myself to work through the discomfort and the pain. The truth is that those fallacies did little […]

I’ve spent the better part of the last week coming back to reality from vacation. I met so many wonderful people and had such deep experiences that I’ve found myself trying to find ways to make the positive and challenging aspects of my time away a permanent fixture in my life. Something that I’ve been […]

In my experience, there’s a tremendous disconnect between what HR departments are designed to do and what I feel like they should be doing.  The constant refrain I’ve heard from peers in the working world is “HR is there to protect the business”, not to be a resource for humans. What I’ve been finding more […]

I’ve written about this specific topic in the past, but the treatment that it’s gotten has often been hazy or has had indirect references to many facets of my personal life and personality.  The more that I talk with people within the climbing and tech communities about the very vulnerable, personal things that I am […]

Been a rough couple of weeks.  Been thinking a lot about how I interact with the world given that through no real fault of my own I belong to a category of individuals that have historically been subject to separation and ostracization. By which I mean I am, by popular belief and definition, “mentally-ill”.  I see […]

I’m constantly amazed at how some people closest to me are so adept at dealing with stress.  How some people are able to take some of what I would consider to be among the most stressful of situations and just carry on as if it’s nothing. I have some idea as to why that is, too. […]