It’s been difficult to put into words the frustration surrounding the utterly improbable political situation we now find ourselves in.  Was it because white Americans didn’t spend enough time considering their privilege?  Was it because fanatics and raving lunatics on both sides were screaming at the tops of their lungs and failing to provide anything […]

We on the left more or less left the rest of the country behind. In our attempts to try and be “better” for ourselves and for the people that could grok the changes we were trying to advance, we on the left either explicitly or implicitly told people with whom we weren’t willing to engage […]

What do I need and what do I want? What I need is to sate my deep-seated need for adventure; to feel alive. What I want is to feel free. Freedom to explore and room to grow. Modern life is constrictive. Society has expectations that aren’t in alignment with what I need. Do I think […]

What is your number? What is the floating-point number of “chits” you owe someone else? When you think about what was bought with that number, does it make you happy? Does it fill you with anxiety? How much did that ski trip cost exactly? Was that over-priced latte worth it? The next time you go […]

There’s this pernicious falsehood that’s been promulgated through our society for longer than I can remember. It permeates our culture and impacts us all in ways that we seldom think about. That somehow “being chosen” is better than choosing oneself. It’s everywhere: in our workplaces, in our schools, our religious institutions, and even our family […]

Maybe our definition of “happiness” is wrong. Maybe our civilization confuses material success with outward expressions of life satisfaction. Maybe there’s a depth to the definition of “happy” that we have not yet plumbed. Maybe that’s why so many of us feel confused and unhappy when we’re forced to question it. If the definition of […]

It’s not that I feel more than most people, I’m just more willing to feel it. I’m not more nuanced or practiced at placing myself in someone else’s proverbial shoes or position, I just more willing to do it. Why am I willing to place myself in positions of vulnerability? Why am I placing a […]

I’ve spent the better part of the last week coming back to reality from vacation. I met so many wonderful people and had such deep experiences that I’ve found myself trying to find ways to make the positive and challenging aspects of my time away a permanent fixture in my life. Something that I’ve been […]

It’s been challenging trying to deal with what Burning Man participants typically call “reentry”, especially after so many days away from what passes for the normal pattern of life.  Returning to the seemingly endless expanse of lit concrete-and-steel boxes, the noise, the confusion, and the heat that comes from compression of human life and energy […]

In my experience, there’s a tremendous disconnect between what HR departments are designed to do and what I feel like they should be doing.  The constant refrain I’ve heard from peers in the working world is “HR is there to protect the business”, not to be a resource for humans. What I’ve been finding more […]