Inspiration: The Hero is a lot of things to a lot of people.  Savior, savant, saint… to others, simultaneously a paragon or pariah.  What I generally ascribe to a hero, I generally strive-for in myself.  Being an eclectic pagan, the idea of setting a goal of being a hero (or at the very least heroic) […]

As-promised, here is the other half of the promised post from this weekend. I have the vague feeling that the universe was trying to throw my karma at me to get it out of the way or to let me know I was definitely doing something wrong recently.  The Saturday before last (the 16th), I […]

I seated myself at the back of the congregation, silent before the proclamations and condemnations, the fire-and-brimstone treatment burning into my skin, my mind instantly reeling from the declarations of lust and sin. I could not comprehend how I was the butt-end of this joke, my mental vision filling with smoke, the cries and lies […]

So, after listening to a recording of a panel from PantheaCon this past week with a topic revolving around “queer” paganism, deities, myths, legends, and the like I began wondering aloud to myself about how gender, gender identity and sexuality have played-out in my life and why my experiences and behavior have been starkly different […]

Today is one of those days that surprises you when you least expect it.  Today contains one of those surprisingly rare gems of wisdom that can be harnessed by anyone, anywhere.  Today, it struck me as to how lucky I am to be alive at this time, in this place, and in this space.  Our […]

We live in a very “fake” world.  Fake people, fake smiles, fake goals, fake dreams… hell, we even falsify things to ourselves to make ourselves feel better (or worse).  Many people with low self-esteem cannot, for the life of them, figure out other people, figure out how they can get into the swim of things, […]