If our inner monologues are saying things that we wouldn’t say to anyone else out loud, what purpose does that serve? If our inner monologues are reinforcing values and beliefs that aren’t true anymore, why do we still believe them? If our inner monologues are telling us things that are distorting our view of the […]

Heroes and leaders: Put on their pants just like everyone else. Have to stretch, train, learn, practice, and fail like everyone else. Wear protective gear and take safety precautions like everyone else. Speak and listen to others as they’d want to be spoken and listened to (like everyone else). There aren’t any secrets. Humility and […]

It robs you of perspective. Of appreciating how far you’ve gone and how far you have yet to go. Of understanding that the comparison isn’t fair or valid. Of the fact that the people you’re comparing yourself against have had or are currently having challenges that you can’t even bring yourself to think about Of the […]

It can be scary.  It can carry a lot of energy and sound like someone’s unloading.  Maybe that’s the point.  All their fears, desires, and dreams laid bare.  Maybe it carries a lot of intensity.  That’s certainly something I’ve gotten from people in the past.  “You’re too intense”, they’d say. Maybe that’s born out of […]

You’re a parent even if you don’t realize it.  A parent to friends, coworkers, others’ children, maybe even your own children.  A parent to your own inner child, even.  I wish someone (anyone, really) had been a better parent for me—including myself.  I say and do things that aren’t the least bit flattering to observers. […]

I’ve never thought of myself as a “man”.  Not in the sense of gender, but in the sense of title or age. I hadn’t thought about the fact that up until recently I had always thought of myself as a “boy” or a “guy”–never a man.  To me, that was a title, something that was bestowed […]

I can’t believe it–I’m thirty.  That realization still hasn’t fully sunk-in for me–the fact that I’m this old or the fact that I’ve made it to this point in my life.  I didn’t have any expectations that I would make it this far, and I honestly believed that I wouldn’t live to see this day. […]

Coal requires three things to be able to change: Heat Pressure Time The soul is no different. Similarly, the acorns of some of the greatest and mightiest trees on Earth need the same.  So: Get passionate (heat) Get active and be publicly-accountable (pressure) Be PATIENT (time)

Just because your hands are trembling doesn’t mean you’re weak. Often it means that you’ve exerted yourself in pursuit of something greater. Just because you’ve failed or fallen doesn’t mean you’ll always fail or fall. Past may be prologue, but it does not determine the epilogue of your journey. Just because someone doesn’t understand or […]

Sometimes you have to… Make the space in your heart to be able to say “no”. Make yourself understand that the things people do or did to you are wrong. Let yourself get angry at all the pain inflicted. Tell the truth and be brutally-honest. Cry and release the pain. Sometimes, even the best of […]